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About Us

Kaavish has brought the grandeur of a premium luxury spa into the coziness and convenience of your home. Kaavish Spa is Alberta’s premium luxury mobile spa that focuses on nourishing your skin, from top to bottom and leaving you rejuvenated with a sensational afterglow.  Believe us — it is like no other spa experience! Bliss and magic happens, all in the comfort of your own home!

This year we’ve also been able to add more services to our spa and we are now a full service medical spa. We provide amazing treatments that include facial and body contouring, to noninvasive face lifts, chemical peels and so much more!

We hope you get to experience Edmonton’s finest luxury mobile spa and we hope to also pamper you in our new location!


Come experience luxury and elegance with Kaavish Spa.

Meet The Team

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